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    Kevin Adell Is A Pimp, Pastors His Hoes!!!

    Word Network Owner sent a meme to a pastor that showed himself as the Pimp and Pastors as Hoes!!!!

    Kevin Adell, the white man who owns the Word Network tv station.  Which is known as “the largest, African-American religious network in the WORLD!”. Has upset a few members of the black clergy community with a text he sent out.Kevin Adell Is A Pimp-1

    Allegedly Adell sent a meme to pastors that had him dressed as a pimp. In the picture, it looks as if Adell is the pimp and the pastors are his hoes. One of the pastors who’s in the picture took offense and has since left the station. Bishop George Bloomer felt the meme was inappropriate and disrespectful.

    Bloomer brought it to Addell’s attention that pimp and hoe talk has negative roots in the black community. However, Adell thought it was just a joke and told the bishop to get over it. Additionally, the tv network owner sent over another meme that had racist tones. Allegedly he sent over a meme that showed Bloomer as a character who is known to use the term “Boss”. A term that is a synonym to “Massa”  in the black community.

    Due to these incidents over 100 pastors have called for a boycott of the TV station

    Some prominent black pastors have started an online petition that is calling for a boycott of the Word Network Station. As of October 10th, 2019 the petition had over 3000 signatures.

    The petition states: “During these times of increased incidents of hate across our country, we as African-American clergy and allies of the African-American community cannot remain silent in the face of this blatant racism. Black-face, pimp and hoe imagery, boss aka ‘Massa’ comments, all are connected to the historical trauma African-Americans have endured for 400 years in this country,”.

    It goes on to point on that while Adell owns the network, it is profitable from the support of the black community.

    Conversely, Pastor Jamal Bryant has come out against the petition. Noting that over 90% of the employees of the network are black. Including America’s youngest president of any Tv Network.

    Adell has defended himself by saying the meme was sent out to bring awareness. He alleges that his intent wasn’t to offend but to educate the pastors on what was being said about the network on social media.

    While the meme may have been a joke, it’s representation is the truth. It’s truly sad how much money is donated to churches from the black community but how little those churches actually help the communities that support it. Creflo dollar is just one of many examples of the pimping of the black community for personal gain and happens to be on this network.

    The black community needs to start holding mega-churches and their pastors accountable to actively contribute and not just spread the good news.

    What do you guys think about the picture Kevin Adell shared? Is it racist or just a bad joke?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments?

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    Featured Image: Daily Tribune


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