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    Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Fires back at Megan Thee Stallion, after SNL Performance

    Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is firing back at Megan Thee Stallion, after her recent SNL Performance. In his latest interview with Fox News Fox & Friends he expressed his disgust for her performance. The Attorney General responded calling Megan’s show an attack on his character. Cameron agreed that individuals need to love and protect black women.  However, he explain that he was insulted that Megan would go on national television to make disparaging comments about him.

    He resumed stating, “Be because I’m a Black Republican, because I stand up for truth and justice as opposed to giving in to a mob mentality.”

    Recently the attorney general began receiving backlash after the poorly handled decision made in the Breonna Taylor case. Some stating that there was no justice served and that the officers had gotten away with murder. Last month, the three-officer involved in Breonna Taylor’s case were not charged nor convicted with murder. However, law enforcement officer, Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment.

    Although many have used their platforms to express their frustrations for the lack of justice in the Breonna Taylor case, on person in particular was Megan Thee Stallion. During her musical performance of her hit song, Savage, on Saturday Night live, Megan paused the track to play snippets of Malcolm X and activist Tamika Mallory while she and her back up dancers held up signs that stated, “We need to protect our Black women and love our Black women.” The soundbite from Tamika Mallory indicated, “Daniel Cameron is no different than the sellout negroes that sold our people into slavery.”



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