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    New Kendrick Lamar Single Marks Taylour Paige’s Rap Debut

    Taylour Paige and Kendrick Lamar Break Down Relationship Dynamics

    Kendrick Lamar continues to showcase his otherworldly talents at recreating real-life through his lyrics, and actress Taylour Paige’s passionate debut puts a voice to a new age of aggressive feminism. “See, I don’t know why you like playing mind games with me! B*tch, I ain’t slow nor dizzy. I know when you bein’ distant!” Kendrick Lamar’s song reads like a true to life toxic argument between a couple.

    “I swear I’m tired of these emotional-ass ungrateful-ass b*tches!” The Compton native’s introductory lyrics are already coming from a dramatic place. Taylour Paige swifly responds, “F*ck you, n****! You love a pity party. I won’t show up!” The jazz-influences of the beat pair perfectly with the poetry as well as the call-and-response nature of Kendrick Lamar and Taylour Paige’s duet.

    The Power of the Argument

    The verisimilitude is extra eerie because not only are Lamar and Paige both saying the same things at times, but many listeners will be reminded of catastrophic arguments they themselves have had previously. Taylour savagely declares sentiments like, “wasting my time and energy trying to be good to you!” And, “I should have found a bigger d*ck!”

    That’s when Kendrick steals her car keys. “Ah! Now you mad at me! I got you hollerin’ at nothing!” Taylour fires back, “I do the same when we f*ckin’!” After she brings up potentially sleeping with Kendrick’s cousin, the beat changes. It sounds like angry hornets. Taylour blames Kendrick for atrocities committed by other powerful men. Later, Kendrick repeats himself. “Said, I’m tired of these emotional-ass ungrateful-ass b*tches!” It seems like he means it.

    Listen to “We Cry Together” here:

    After listening to “We Cry Together”. What song is your favorite from Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers album? Do you want to see another Kendrick Lamar and Taylour Paige collaboration? Share your thoughts in the comments.



    1. There is a lot of projection happening in that video between both parties and some would say they are rapidly triggering one another. Ego, Ego, Ego. BUT I actually loved the video since it was very unique and full of verisimilitude (meaning: truthfulness); I had to look that word up for a definition.

    2. We cry together is definitely in my top 3. The one that hit me the hardest was Father Time. I related to that way too much

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