Kendrick Lamar Biography Release Set For 0ct 2020

Kendrick Lamar Biography

“The Butterfly Effect: How Kendrick Lamar Ignited the Soul of Black America.” is coming

Kendrick Lamar’s biography “The Butterfly Effect” Will hit shelves this Fall on Oct 13, 2020. The Compton born rapper hasn’t put out music in over a year. However, this book should hold his fans over.

The book’s author, Marcus J. Moore, used twitter to announce the news after nearly two years of working on it. Moore, a music journalist, and critic penned the book for publisher Simon and Schuester.

The intro of the book states, “The Butterfly Effect is the extraordinary, triumphant story of a modern, lyrical prophet and an American icon who has given hope to those buckling under the weight of systemic oppression, reminding everyone that through it all—”we gon’ be alright.”

Kendrick’s influence on music and culture is undeniable. In one of his most famous lines, he point’s out how he interrupted the status quo. “How yall let a conscious N***a go commercial while only making conscious albums?” For years rappers had to either chose to be conscious or commercial. Kendrick blew up that way of thinking when he was able to achieve commercial success while still using his music to advocate.

This book should provide some insight into what that journey was like.

Kendrick Lamar’s first Biography is available for pre-order now, and fans can expect to pay $27 for the hardcopy and $12 for the ebook.

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