Kendrick Faces Copyright Scaries

The rapper could lose major $ for his song, "LOYALTY".


Kendrick Lamar has been thrown into the hot seat regarding his 2017 track, ”LOYALTY.”. The song appeared on his fourth studio album, DAMN., also featuring Rihanna. Together, the two won a 2018 Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Performance.

Despite the song’s success, Kendrick now finds himself facing a lawsuit for copyright infringement. The lawsuit was filed on August 21 by music producer Terrance Hayes. According to Hayes, the production of Kendrick’s track was largely similar to that of his own song, also titled “Loyalty” (2011).

Kendrick Faces Copyright Scaries

Hayes registered his track, “Loyalty”, with the U.S. Copyright Office after recording it at the Ironworx Creative Recordings studio.

Hayes stated that his song was slowed down using a synthesizer, later combined with another sample to disguise the copying. Hayes’ lawsuit also claims that the “title, melody, harmony and rhythm” of his song were directly taken and used in Kendrick’s “LOYALTY.”. Hayes is now demanding the right to all profits from Kendrick’s “LOYALTY.”.

This is not the first time Kendrick has dealt with copyright infringement accusations. The rapper was sued for using a Bill Withers sample without permission in his 2013 track, “I Do This”.

We plan on closely following this case as new developments arise.


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