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    Twitter Dragged Kendall Jenner For Acne Ad & Now She’s Depressed…

    Twitter is currently dragging Kendall Jenner like she stole money after her big reveal.

    Over the past weekend, Kris Jenner announced that her daughter, Kendall Jenner, had some big news that she would be revealing. Kris Jenner also continued to hype up Kendall’s big reveal Twitter.

    In addition to this post, Kris also put up a video of Kendall talking about how she has the power to reach people now.

    As a result of all of this anticipation, fans were excepting some sort of earth-shattering revelation from Kendall Jenner. However, that is not what they got.

    Kendall’s huge news was that she was the new face of pro active and she had suffered from acne. People who expecting bigger news than that were not happy. They also expressed their displeasure on twitter.

    However, people should not have been expecting some amazing story in the first place. This family has made a career out of regularly trolling the media. Generally, whatever news put out is some bullshit. Therefore, people should have expected the same Kendall Jenner announcement.

    What do you think of Kendall Jenner’s reveal? Where were you also wise enough not to be fooled by it? Please comment below with your thoughts! Also, don’t forget to keep it locked on Hypefresh for more news!


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