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    Kendal Jenner and “Twin Brother” Gets New Show

    Kendall Jenner Announced a new show with her “twin brother” same day a man tried to break into her home!

    Kendall Jenner and her “twin brother” are getting their own show. Kinda. The supermodel is partnering with her “twin brother” Kirby Jenner in a new parody reality show.

    Kirby Jenner is an Instagram influencer who is known for calling himself Kendal Jenner’s Fraternal Twin Brother. On His, Instagram Kirby is constantly Photoshoping himself into pictures of Kendall and members of her family. Kendal Jenner and Twin Brother-1

    Well is appears Kirby’s Photoshoping skills have paid off as he will actually get the chance to work with Kendall. Kirby announced via his Instagram he will be getting his own show on Quibi.

    Quibi is a mobile-first platform that is set to debut in 2020. The show will be produced by Kendell Jenner and her momager, Kris Jenner. Even more, the other Kardashian members are set to join in on the act as well.

    This was the good news of the day for Kendall Jenner. TMZ first reported that police arrested an intruder on her property late Monday evening. The man, identified as Richard Eggars climbed the fence to Jenners Hollywood Hills home. However, before he could do anything serious was taken down by Kendalls Security.

    This was the first time security had seen Eggars either. Allegedly he had attempted to get on the property before but ran when security spotted him on cameras. However this time he was actually captured.

    What’s even odder is that when he was caught eggars tried to say he was just collecting signatures for a Trump impeachment. Jenner has had several people try to break into her home before.

    Maybe she should think about moving in with her twin brother Kirby.

    What do you guys think about Kendall Jenner and Twin Brother Kirby” Jenner’s new show and about people trying to break into Kendalls homes?

    Lastly, Let us know your thoughts in the comments


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