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    ATL’s Kenarri and Morgs Have An Unbreakable Bond On “Don’t Care”

    Good things in life seem to always come in twos. It’s no coincidence that sneakers, gloves and even socks are all bought in pairs. Some things need to be complemented to bring out their fullest potential. That same logic applies to making music. Artists make their best music when they are working with people they enjoy being around. Atlanta rapper Kenarri just made one of her best songs possible with her best friend, Morgs.

    End of the Year Surprise

    If you are tapped in with the Atlanta rap scene, you might have come across Kenarri. I felt like in 2022; she has made impressive strides to improve her artistry, and it’s only a matter of time till she hits the mainstream. With the year closing off, I figured we were going to have to wait for new music. Right, when I least expect, Kenarri gave listeners a new song to hold them over.

    Her newly released single, “Don’t Care” is absolutely something worth checking out. As someone who sees themselves as nonchalant, Kenarri perfectly captured that “IDGAF” mentality. Her level of not caring about what people think or say about her is something I aspire to. You can genuinely tell this is a song she didn’t overthink while making. It’s almost as if she went into the booth to vibe out and have a good time.

    Blazing Debut

    It would be criminal if I didn’t mention the guest appearance from Morgs. It’s so hard to believe that this is her first and only song ever released. Don’t believe me? Try Googling it yourself and see what comes up. She stayed on the theme of not caring and made sure to keep it playa in her verse. Morgs seriously gives Kenarri a run for her money. Because every time Morgs drops off some bars, Kenarri makes sure to follow it up with something even stronger.

    Even though the song it titled “Don’t Care”, they still cared enough to shoot a music video for it. Directed by Vampin, his visuals help bring this track to life. They show us different scenes of them having each other’s backs and doing typical best-friend activities. But most importantly, it helped visualize their unbreakable bond, which is fueled by their amazing chemistry.

    It’s very important not to switch up on the people you came up with. In a perfect world, I’d hope to see these two artists work together on a joint project. Until then, I’ll be repeatedly running this track back.

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