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    Kelow LaTesha Releases Deluxe Version of TSA Project

    Kelow LaTesha Releases Deluxe Version of TSA Project

    With an eye-catching look and bars to match, Kelow LaTesha is one of the DMV region’s most creative people. Putting the finishing touches on her debut album, Kelow drops TSA DeluxeA new and improved version of last year’s TSATSA Deluxe features three brand new songs, including the snap music-inspired “High Fashion,”  and gives context to previously released highlights like “The Real Deal” and “Hammer Time” (over 100k views on YouTube). Featuring appearances from Rico Nasty, LightSkinKeisha, and Black Fortune, the deluxe edition is currently available to stream on all platforms via her own BUTTA venture.

    Along with “High Fashion,”  the new highlight from TSA Deluxe is “PowerPuff Girls,” a fiery new posse cut. Dominated by a lurching, menacing bassline, “PowerPuff Girls” unites Kelow with two of the rap game’s fiercest femme fatales–Rico Nasty and LightSkinKeisha. Packed with references to the titular Cartoon Network series, the song finds each emcee channeling the animated trio, taking turns to annihilate the beat like so many hapless Townsville supervillains. The third new song from TSA Deluxe is “Backseat,” which contrasts bright and airy vocal samples with thunderous bass and Kelow’s forceful flow: “Peelin’ Benjies back like I got a tangerine/When I dress down, they dress up and look like Halloween.”


    Born in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Kelow’s music is heavily influenced by the DMV region’s hip-hop and go-go scenes. The rapper makes music that expresses her true self, her specific pen and mutating styles eluding broad categorization. Her music has earned praise from the likes of The Washington Post, The FADERPitchfork, and HYPEBEAST, among others.

    Stay tuned for many more new songs and videos from Kelow LaTesha in the coming weeks.

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    The Background

    Forget about the stigmas, labels, ideologies, and pre-determinations of today’s Hip-Hop artist, because when you meet Kelow LaTesha, none of the industry standards need to apply. Born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C., Kelow’s spark to be a creator happened when she was young. She credits her time spent watching DC area artists on basic cable as something that planted a seed, leaving an ever-lasting impression early on.

    What do you guys think though?

    Are you excited to give Kelow LaTesha’s new project? And what are some of your other favorite songs by LaTesha?


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