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    Keke Wyatt Raw dogging Heavy Apparently…Pussy Good? 10 Kids!!!

    Keke Wyatt is one of the most talented vocalists the world has ever heard. The R&B singer can truly hold her own when it comes to her windpipes. The former reality tv star loves singing and apparently loves dick!

    Keke Wyatt is known for her goofy personality, and we got the chance to see it on R&B Divas. Overall one of her storylines was having tons of kids. Throughout her several seasons on the show, the singer was always pregnant. One of the more interesting things was that she had multiple baby fathers. One included a young preacher who at times had difficulty dealing with Keke crazy persona. Furthermore, it’s evident that Keke Wyatt raw dogging heavy out here.

    Fast forward to the future, and Keke has managed to finally find happiness after leaving her preacher man. She is reportedly married to a person by the name of Zachariah Darring. The two are happy despite Keke bringing so much baggage to the relationship. It’s no surprise that the singer is pregnant with her 10th child on the way.

    Just last weekend Keke let the cat out the bag while at the Essence Festival. At this point, it’s a walk in the park for Keke to be pregnant. Her career jumped off back in 2001, after a duet with R&B singer Avant. Early on at 18-years-old, she married a man by the name of Rahmat Morton, who was her manager. Keke was perhaps certified crazy after it was reported that she stabbed her husband in self-defense during an altercation. Just a couple of months ago her ex-husband shed tea regarding how Keke can be. Overall, we hope that Keke and her kids’ fathers work it out.

    In conclusion, how long will this marriage last? Are you surprised Keke Wyatt raw dogging heavy out here? Is the pussy that good? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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