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    Keke Palmer ‘You Know It’s Your Girl’s Five Defining Moments

    Actress, Comedian, TV Personality

    Fans through the years have fallen in love with the star, Keke Palmer. She is an actress, singer, host, producer, and most definitely the perfect entertainer. The public has seen the star grow into the sophisticated woman she is today, and the world can only appreciate all her accomplishments.

    From appearing in films like Joyful Noise back in 2012, when it was the first time she showcased her acting and singing skills. Through the years, she starred in more mature roles like Hustlers and TV shows like Scream Queens. Palmer has shown she is a talented actress. From on-camera to on stage, she is unforgettable.

    She continues to prove her way in the entertainment industry, and the “Foodtastic” queen has set a name for herself that many can not beat. Palmer even hosted the MTV Video Music Awards in 2020 and has been on a roll since then. As the “you know it’s your girl’ sets high goals for herself, the world is getting to see the honest Keke Palmer.

    Let us take a look at five defining moments for the star! 

    1. Palmer’s first-ever film, Akeelah and the Bee 2006

    In her first leading film, Akeelah and the Bee, Palmer played an 11-year-old girl fighting her way to the National Spelling Bee. Facing obstacles along the way does not get in the way of achieving her dreams. The film is happy, sad, and most importantly, a defining moment for the star.

    2. Landing Nickelodeon series, True Jackson, VP

    A TV series on Nickelodeon landed Palmer her first starring role in True Jackson VP. From 2008 to 2011, the sitcom lasted three seasons. Palmer played a teen vice president at a fashion apparel line. Fans fell in love with the comedian, and soon behold, she would become one of America’s favorite actresses.

    Nickelodeon sitcom, True Jackson V
    via Nickelodeon sitcom, True Jackson VP

    3. Just Keke on BET 

    As the The Longshots star has shown she is not afraid of the camera, Palmer made history in 2014 as the youngest ever-talk show host, Just Keke, on BET. The 20-year-old discussed her generation, pop culture, dating, fashion, and many others. It was a stepping stone in her career and pushed her to achieve bigger things.

    4. Cinderella on Broadway 2014

    If this Hollywood rising star, Keke Palmer, has not already had a lot on her plate, let us add theater to her resume. Palmer played her role in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. She is the first-ever African American Cinderella on Broadway and is a significant moment in her career. Like the glass slipper fits, Palmer brought to life a show that many will not forget. 

    via theatremania

    5. Co-hosts on Good Morning America

    Palmer has proven she can do anything. The Rags star was given the third co-host position on the Good Morning America show, Strahan, Sara and Keke in 2019. Viewers fell in love with her humor and good spirits. Palmer gave the people what they wanted to see. Although back in August 2020, Palmer confirmed the network had canceled the show. However, she was nominated for an Emmy for her work as a host and won.

    Keke Palmer surprises the world with what she has next and sets an excellent example as a great role model. She continues to do her best, from acting to being the perfect entertainer; she shows fans she is a true-all around star.



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