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    Keenon Rush Is Back With A Vengeance On His New Single “Dirty Bird”

    Going to church doesn’t automatically make you holy. But it does give you a different mindset to approach problems in your life. Atlanta rapper Keenon Rush basically grew up in church, and it helped mold him into the person he is today. He was also able to take certain lessons from the church and apply it to his rap career.

    One of those lessons he learned was the ability to creatively communicate his message. If you have ever been to a black church, you are aware that even the most simple stories are exaggerated and dramatized to add to the impact of their message. Similarly, Keenon has a way with his rhymes to convey his message. He does a great job of this skill, in his new single, “Dirty Bird”.

    ”Dirty Bird” Connection

    If you are an out-of-towner, you are most likely unfamiliar with the term “dirty bird”. It’s another name for a falcon, which is the mascot for Atlanta’s football franchise. They took pride in that nickname and the Falcons because for some people that’s the only thing for them to look forward to. So for Keenan to incorporate that idea into the concept of the song was a smart callback. Just like he says in the opening line, even the “dirty bird” gets the early worm.

    The track is produced by WorldGoneMade and his simple yet effective production allows Keenon a chance to get a couple of things off his chest. He doesn’t bite his tongue either, confidently thumping his chest hard with bars like “n*ggas better watch they tone”. He’s tired of giving other artists the benefit of the doubt and having to show them who runs things.

    Brace Yourself

    This single felt like a warning from Keenon to all rappers that he has returned with a vengeance. His energy felt like he was on an absolute war path based on his intense energy. I know next time we get a full-length release, he won’t be holding back. But for now, this will suffice.

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