Kavale Drops ‘Genius’, Which is Purely “Genius”

When the first track hits from the Genius EP, my eardrums crumbled. My brain cells melted with the sharp, witty lyrics that came through each of my headphone buds. My heart pounded joyously, and my foot kept tapping against the floor. And not to mention, my head never stopped nodding. Call these ‘positive’ symptoms of coming in contact with hot music. Something that’s hard to find in today’s U.S. independent scene in the ‘upcoming’ department of Hip-Hop.

Before I knew it, I’d listened to the EP three times straight and was moving toward a fourth spin. “Well, it looks like iIm hooked.” I thought to myself. And to be purely honest, I think everyone who listens will be too.

Kavale, the lyrical bar spitter out of Toronto, Canada takes his own music in hand, and creates a parallel similar to the likes of J.Cole. His wordplay is infectious like a Kendrick. His delivery and lyrics are tailored to each track. His production is pure ‘crack’. It’s almost like he sprinkled nicotine on the EP because it’s a guaranteed addiction. We haven’t listened to a project so purely distinct from the wave of ‘new age music’ like this in a while.

And I have to say, I’m proud to present this project to HYPEFRESH® readers across the globe. Sweeping all categories on our chart, Kavale has outdone himself to the highest extent in Hip-Hop.

It’s not hard to comprehend why the Genius EP receives a ‘classic’ rating. Honestly, who can truly deny this record? We sure can’t. Check it out for your self below.

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