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    Katt Williams Assault Victim Getting $25K Is No Laughing Matter!!

    Katt Williams is attempting to make a comeback in the world of entertainment. However, his current situation of having to pay out $25K is no laughing matter.

    Several years ago the several accusations came about regarding Williams assaulting an innocent bystander. A person by the name of Tyrell Williams claims that during an afterparty he came into contact with the comedian. During an attempt to take a SnapChat photo Katt suddenly became enraged. The end result was that Williams smacked the phone out his hand an punched him in the face several times.

    Katt Williams Assault

    After the incident, a police report was filing described the entire encounter. The alleged victim accrued several injuries which includes mental anguish. Katt the entertainer ignored the claims along with the lawsuit. Furthermore, now the judge has awarded Tyrell a judgment of $25K against Mr. Kat. Willaims has been tied to several lawsuits over the years, and it seems as though it’s only getting worse. In addition, there are claims that his lawyer in an active case is looking to remove himself as Kat’s legal representation.

    In the other active case, a former assistant is looking to collect $1 million in the lawsuit claim. The accuser says that she was viciously attacked by the comedian.

    In conclusion, will Katt Williams assault case be appealed? Will he ever learn? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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