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    The Ultimate Betrayal: Katie Couric To Release Tell All Book About Matt Lauer Scandal

    Just when we thought that it would be the end of hearing Matt Lauer, things are about to get alot more interesting.

    Former CBS anchor Katie Couric is looking to generate some interest of her own. She has announced that she will be releasing a tell-all memoir regarding her former co-host Matt Lauer. Lauer started facing a high level of scrutiny after several women came forward alleging the host was a sexual predator. After more allegations started the anchor was fired.

    Katie Couric Matt Lauer Betrayal

    Overall, Couric is laughing all the way to the bank. Reportedly she will be banking a $12 million advance for the book. Many people believe that the story will give deeper intel into the scandal and other people. Furthermore, Katie is surely betraying Lauer with her decision to uncover plenty more into the scandal. Last month, Lauer was rumored to have met with Bryant Gumbel in regards to possibly coming back into the world of entertainment.

    “Katie knows a lot of Matt’s secrets, so it’s no wonder he’s worried,” said a snitch. “She saw and heard everything and Matt’s racking his brain for anything that might come back to haunt him.

    The book will be entitled “Unexpected”, and will incorporate the #MeToo initiative. Many hope that the book will include in detail the stories of how he preyed on younger female studio personnel. This comes at a time where the nation is in the midst of predators news surrounding those of R.Kelly and Michael Jackson. Couric went on to give her own account her interaction with her former co-host:

    He pinches me on the butt a lot.”She’s also said he was “arrogant and rude,” snitches a source. “He’s not the reason she left the show, but she sure didn’t miss his superior attitude.”

    Do you think she Katie Couric is doing this for the money? Shouldn’t she have come forward with this information before? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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