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    Karens Want To Cancel Bill Burr For His SNL Monologue

    Comedian Bill Burr upset the Karens of the world durning SNL and now that want to cancel him.

    While hosting Saturday night live, Bill Burr upset every Karen in the world with his jokes, and now they want to cancel the comedian. Known for his provocative and edgy style, Burr didn’t hold any punches when calling out his “b***hes”.

    In under 10 minutes a comedian was able to upset an entire group of women notorious for ruining careers. Maybe the results will be different this time because the comedian made valid points, but thats unlikely.

    Burrs comments were accurate, on-time, and exactly what every Karen needs to hear.

    “The nerve of you white women, …. You guys stood by us toxic white males through centuries of our crimes against humanity, you rolled around in the blood money, and occasionally when you wanted to sneak off with a black dude, if you got caught, you said it wasn’t consensual. Yeah, thats what you did, thats whats you did, so why don’t you shut up, sit down next to me and talk your talking to.”

    Throughout American history white women have been portrayed as innocent, even holy at times. However the truth is far from such, through out every atrocity committed in the name of this country a white women sat by ideally. Whether she was a mother, a wife, a secretary, etc, as white men decimated entire cultures, they prepared supper.  Yet even with that as known history, some Karens still want to cancel Bill Burr for his SNL skit.

    What are your thoughts on Bill Burr’s SNL skit? Do you think it was funny or trash?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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