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    Kapable Talks About New Relationships On His New Single “On My Mind”

    On September 18, Pennsylvania artist Kapable unveiled a new catchy single entitled “On My Mind,” the second single from the fast-rising artist after taking a production break for about three years which displays his vibrant profound, newly found sound.

    Kapable is no newcomer to making music, as he has been having a go at it for quite some time now. He found his passion for music at a very early age and has steadfastly continued to chase his dreams of becoming one of the top-ranking rappers of his time. His music always incorporates a fresh and original style, as he intends to make something other than traditional music.

    The atmospheric pieces feature catchy bass lines threaded with cheerful instrumentations, illuminating Kapable’s brilliant lyrical flows, which capture the feeling of new relationships. The artist shares his experience of being in a new relationship, where you can’t get the person off your mind those first weeks when things are still blooming fresh. Kapable is one artist you will want to take advantage of before he goes platinum.

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