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    Kanye West & Tyler The Creator Collaborating On “Donda” Album

    This year has birthed tons of great music collaborations that we never knew we needed. The world may have went on lockdown last year, but all the newly released music certainly makes up for the lost time. With artists going hard on collabs, it’s difficult to choose which songs take the cake. Speaking of collaborations, Tyler The Creator and Kanye West were recently spotted working in the studio together. Two creative geniuses in one room definitely tells us there’s an epic record on the way.

                The Rappers Work On Yeezy’s Upcoming “Donda” Album

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    Kanye West and Tyler The Creator have been considered as rap geniuses, as well as eccentric and controversial talents. Given that the artist’s similarities, it makes sense why they’d get along in the studio. Recently, Ty and Yeezy were spotted recording new music in the studio booth for West’s upcoming “Donda” album. The video footage of the two having a recording sess surfaced online and has since been shared to rapper Consequence’s Instagram. Furthermore, the emcee captioned the video as, “Ye x Tyler. Epic Level. Summer ’21.” Clearly, Yeezy and Ty’s friends believe “Donda” will be a masterpiece.

    Moreover, the video footage shows Tyler The Creator standing behind Kanye West whose hard at work on the computer. The whiteboard behind the two emcees shows what appears as the tracklist for “Donda.” Furthermore, the album name is written alongside others like “Remote”, “New Again” and “Come To Life.” Unfortunately, the video doesn’t have any sound, which still leaves fans in the dark about the details surrounding Yeezy’s new album. At least, we can take comfort in knowing that the two have new music coming out.

                This Isn’t Their First Time In The Studio

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    West’s “Donda” album hadn’t been the first time they worked in the studio together. They’ve also collaborated on other tracks, such as Tyler’s “Puppet” and “Smuckers” songs. Clearly, Tyler and Yeezy have a great working relationship.


    What do you think? Will you listen to West’s new “Donda” album upon its release? Let us know.


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