Kanye West Tweets/Deletes Announcement of New Album ‘Donda’

Kanye West Donda Kanye West's new album
Image via Pitchfork

Kanye West Announces Potential New Album Donda

Kanye West took to Twitter to announce the release date for his new album Donda. Within minutes though West deleted the tweet, so who’s to say if this album will be dropping this Friday.

What to Expect if Kanye West Donda Drops

Before Kanye West deleted the tweet, fans were able to grab a screenshot. In the tweet West announced that the album would be titled Donda and would be dropping this Friday, July 24th.

Kanye West ‘Donda’ tracklist via Genius

The tweet included a tracklist for the upcoming album. Some of the titles included on the list included “In God’s Country” and “God’s Country”, likely meaning that Donda is in fact the title of West’s previously announced God’s Country. Other songs from the tracklist include “Wash Us in the Blood” and “New Body”.

Final Thoughts

What do you guys think though?

Do you expect Kanye West’s new album to actually drop? What are some of your favorite songs by West that has already been released? And what other album drops are you looking forward to?

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