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    Kanye West: The Bigger Picture He Wants The World To See


    Kanye is always to topic of discussion, no one gets a break from him for too long. Whether we like him or not, he is one of the wealthiest Black men in the music industry. Who loves Ye more than Ye? We can’t quite say Kim Kardashian as she seems to be a trigger that keeps setting Ye off. We all know that Kanye lives with Bipolar I Disorder, but for those who don’t understand the dynamics to mental health, most judge Kanye as a madman. It’s hard to not know what’s going on with the Kimye + Pete Davidson, even if you don’t know details. Underneath all the uncensored rants and social media meltdowns, there is a person. Not only is there a person, there is someone who demands to make a difference the best way he sees fit. That person is Kanye West. There is a deeper meaning to life, according to Ye. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who believe in and stand by Ye.

    The Real Message Kanye is Trying to Send to the World

    What is Ye really trying to say? In TIME‘s Top 10 Outrageous Ye Moments, the article mentions Kanye’s blatant message to President George W. Bush back in 2005.

    “George Bush dosen’t care about black people”

    A statement that Americans still wonder about in modern times. To have the tenacity to make such a strong statement says a lot about what Kanye knows is better for the black community.

    Ye + Kim + Pete

    Since Kanye and Kim split, she is seeing a much younger Pete Davidson. Pete is a comedian who is a regular on Saturday Night Live. While appearing on the show, Kim Kardashian crossed paths with Davidson. Since then, the two have been inseparable. However, this does not sit well with Ye—the media has been in a flurry.

    Ye seems to have come to his senses, recognizing the Kardashian curse and the stigma surrounding the fad. Ye stands by how he feels in the most passionate manner possible. Control—Kanye’s message to the world is about not allowing the media, the government, the industry to be in control.

    Kanye Wants Control

    As far as his children are involved, Ye is outspoken when it comes Kim not allowing him to see them. His eldest daughter, North, wants to explore the dangerous world of social media, but Ye isn’t having that. He refuses to subject his daughter to the wiles of the media and industry.

    A few years back, Movie Guides explained how Ye swears against media indoctrination of children.

    He feels that the media eventually consumes children at tender ages and programs them to be out of control. With Ye, it is about control. If you listen to any of his interviews, you’ll recognize his will to never lose his own control. As aforementioned, when it comes down to it, that is the real message Kanye is trying to send to the world.

    Mental Health Awareness

    Whereas Kanye may look foolish for his outlandish behavior across social media, there is a reason why. With his mental health ailments, it’s hard to contain anger and emotions, especially when it comes to his pending divorce and children. His rants are beyond his situation, they are an example of how mental illness looks. Pay attention!


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