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    Kanye West Reportedly Trying to Trademark “God Save America”


    Kanye WestIn Kanye West’s latest cry for attention, rapper Kanye West is reportedly trying to Trademark the phrase “God Save America.” Earlier this week, Kanye took to Instagram to reactivate his account and post a video for his presidential campaign. In addition to this latest publicity stunt, Kanye west has also filed the appropriate documents to make ownership of the phrase. The Jesus Walks artist has plans to clothing apparel with the phrase on it. Some of this apparel includes; shirts, sweaters and hoodies

    Many are calling this sad attempted ploy a distraction from the real issue of the Trump vs Biden election. Kanye has come under fire before for previous efforts, now people are  raising concerns. For many, this strategy is a misleading method to gather ballot signatures. Rumors have circulated that these crazy antics are an effort to steal votes away from Democratic nominee Joe Biden. These stunts are also a way to divert attention away from what is now being considered one of the most important elections of our lives.

    Yesterday, Kanye West was recognized at the Billboard Awards after he received four awards in the gospel category. These categories include; gospel artist, Christian Album, Gospel album and Gospel song.

    No word from his team on a response regarding his wins.

    Kanye West also made headlines when he posted a snippet of new music. Plus the artists took to Instagram to show the latest Kentucky poll results. He was seen on Instagram saying “Get the west wing ready.” As he showed that he had gathered 19% of votes in Kentucky.

    What do you think about Kanye West’s recent antics? Tell us your thoughts below.


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