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    Kanye West Plans To Give Pete Davidson A Beat Down

    Celebrity divorces can sometimes take a turn for the worst. Though, in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s case, their divorce just gets more sad by the minute. For a while now, Kanye West has tried desperately to win back his family. At first it seemed possible that the couple might be getting back together. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, though, it’s that the former couple have a rollercoaster relationship.

    Most recently, the two started seeing other people. However, Kanye West clearly hasn’t moved on from his ex-wife. He’s also not a fan of his former friend, Pete Davidson dating Kim K. Now the rapper plans to treat the Saturday Night Live star to a huge beat down.

    Kanye West Tells Pete Davidson He’s In For A Beat Down

    beat down
    via HotNewHipHop

    When rappers need to get something off their chest, they often rap about it in a diss track. Kanye West has expressed some pretty strong feelings about Pete Davidson dating his ex-wife and none of it sounds good. 

    On Jan. 14, Yeezy and his longtime collaborator The Game released the diss track “Eazy” that had fans talking. Many suspected that Yeezy’s verse targeted Pete Davidson. In short, Kanye West made it clear that the SNL star was in for a mega beat down.

    “God saved me from that crash/Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a** (Who?)/And my new b***h bad, I know Illuminati mad.” Sounds like fighting words to us.

    The Divorce Is Final

    beat down
    via American Post

    Kim Kardashian almost never stays single. Unfortunately, Kanye West learned that the hard way. Furthermore, Kim Kardashian filed from divorce from West back in February 2021. Since the two separated, they’ve seemingly moved on with their love life. At least, Kim Kardashian has do so successfully with Pete Davidson.  Sources say that Kanye West started dating Uncut Gems Julia Fox, though, he’s obviously still hung up on Kim K.

    Time will only tell with the former couple.



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