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    Kanye West Legal Trouble Expanding

    Just when we thought we would have a reason to like Kanye again negative news shows up. When will Kanye ever learn?

    Mr. West is back in the news, and it isn’t for the best of reasons. After last year’s debacle regarding his political views, the iconic rapper disappeared for a while. It seemed as though Kanye was making more enemies than friends while voicing his support President Trump. Ultimately the Chicago native would come to his senses and realize things were not working out in his favor regarding endorsing officials. Since then Kanye has been slowly but surely getting back under people’s good graces.

    Kanye West Legal Troubles

    For the better part of eight months, Mr. West has been traveling around promoting his Sunday School experience. Kanye comprised with a choir have been singing contemporary gospel, along with his personal catalog. His latest project surely brings back the iconic sound that helped to build Mr. West as one of the elites in the world of music. Several outlets have confirmed that Kanye is even considering opening his own Church. As farfetched as it may seem, we know that Yeezy live’s for the spotlight.

    After an awesome start in 2019, Kanye is back in the drama. The Blast is reporting that West is accused of taking advantage of fashion workers. A Japanese fabric supplier is suing the Yeezy brand line for not paying for hundreds of thousands of dollar for materials. In addition, the suit acknowledges that labor is due in the tune of around $624K. Kanye has been in the midst of ongoing lawsuits, including one against Roc-A-Fella over unpaid fee’s.

    Apparently, the “College Dropout” rapper responded to the accusations, saying that the materials were never delivered. At the moment Kanye is sticking to his guns about not receiving nor paying for anything. He is currently requesting for the case to be thrown out. Toki Sen-I Co plans on moving forward with the case, and are requesting punitive damages:

    “punish the wealthy Defendants for their fraudulent and malicious behavior and to set an example to deter the Defendants and similar celebrity brands from using their status to defraud hardworking, innocent, and unexpecting vendors such as the Plaintiff.” 

    To make matter worse, the company has attempted to make payment plans to resolve the matter. However, the Yeezy line has made no attempt to make good on the supposed debt.

    Will Kanye West legal troubles ever be resolved? Will he every drop Yandhi? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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