Kanye West Helps Tidal Become #1 Free App in Apple Store

It seems as if Kanye West has been the talk of Twitter for the past two weeks and he continues to bring his followers in with his outlandish comments.

Many of the artists who have ownership in Tidal such as Rihanna and Beyoncé, they have chosen to restrict their music to subscribers only at first. Kanye West has decided to do the same by releasing his new album The Life of Pablo exclusively for Tidal users to stream before he sells it. The Life of Pablo is an 18-track album, which Kanye described as “a gospel album with a whole lot of cursing in it.”

After announcing that the highly anticipated album would be only available on Tidal, it drew in some good press for the music streaming service and drove up the Tidal downloads in the app store. Kanye West then tweeted that his fans should subscribe to Tidal because he would not be selling his album for another week.

Typically you wouldn’t expect to see how many people would actually subscribe after a tweet like this. In this case it appears West’s request lifted Tidal to the #1 free app on the iOS App Store charts and #30 on the “Top Grossing” chart. In order to listen to The Life of Pablo on Tidal, you need to already be a member or sign up for the streaming service. When signing up to the service, it allows you to take advantage of the 30-day free trial before requiring you to subscribe. Although many people have downloaded the app, the question is how many of these people will subscribe to the service?

Kanye West lets his audience know the role that Tidal plays in his projects when he tweets “Tidal also funding a lot of my scripted content ideas. It’s a new day people. More Ultra Light Dreams to be realized.” He then continues on to say “I will have over 100 Grammys before I die.” This just puts it in perspective of large future plans for Kanye West and his partnership with Tidal.


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