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    Kanye West George Floyd Comments Result In Lawsuit

    As a fan, it’s not your responsibility to defend your favorite music artist’s questionable decisions. So I can’t fathom why people continue to stand by rapper, Kanye West, because every time they bring his name up it’s always bad news. Right, when you think it gets any worse from the time before, somehow Kanye finds a way to say something even more out of pocket. His recent comments on George Floyd’s death were the straw that broke the camel’s backs.

    Recently, Ye appeared on Revolt’s TV “Drink Champs” podcast. With him already appearing on the show within the past year, it didn’t make sense to me why they invited him. It’s not like he’s on a press run or dropping new music. So if I was aware of that, no way the producers of the show were not. This means N.O.R.E. and Drink Champs purposely brought him on to stir the pot some more with controversial statements.

    Makes No Sense

    During the midst of their interview, the conversation shifted to the murder of George Floyd by former officer Derek Chauvin. Nothing can prepare you for the madness that spewed out of Ye’s mouth. He shared his conspiracy theory that fentanyl was the cause of death, not the excessive force by the police. What would cause him to say something so blatantly ignorant, especially when everyone has seen video evidence of Floyd taking his last dying breath?

    Talking Out His Ass

    Life is full of choices, and every action has consequences. They ordered Alex Jones to pay millions to the families of Sandy Hook victims for spreading a false rumor, and Mr. West was hit with a similar lawsuit. The family of George Floyd is suing him for $250 million for lying. Mind you, this is the same person who started a college fund for Floyd’s daughter and marched alongside BLM for this same reason. How hypocritical of him. Honestly, it serves him right for talking out of his ass the way he did.

    Why can’t Kanye use his notoriety for good? I won’t even speak on the other BS that he said in the interview. Just know that he was wilding so hard, that episode had to be removed from all platforms. “Drink Champs” is proof that just because you have a mic and a podcast, it doesn’t make you a journalist. And Kanye, he has to find a way to channel his energy into something positive, like the school he owns. Those kids need him more than the general public does.


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