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    Kanye West, Chief Distractor Has New Campaign Ad

    Kanye West is back in the 2020 election talk

    Rapper and sneaker mogul, Kanye West released a 90-second campaign ad appealing to voters. Kanye’s campaign distraction is asking for Americans to write him in on the ballot. West has previously made several attempts to be on the ballot. 

    Surprisingly, West’s first political ad serves as his first official statement since his announcement that he was running. Kanye uses his newfound Christian way of life in the effort to help voters decide who to vote for.

    West’s campaign distracts voters who need to determine whether to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden or for President Donald Trump.

    Kanye misses his mark

    According to the Grio, Kanye continues to try to beat the system. Although he is no longer a supporter of Trump, trying to persuade voters to vote for him is a distraction. West is unable to be on the ballot in a number of states because he missed the deadline. Black people are known for struggling to be on time. If West is interested in becoming an official political candidate, he would have had his forms in before 5 p.m.

    Kanye’s political agenda 

    The Jesus Walks rapper talks about one clear campaign goal. He is looking to restore American’s sense of faith and to push for more religious freedom.

    Similar to President Trump, West has no issue with going to Twitter to gain the attention of potential voters. Kanye’s release of his political campaign is a distraction.

    The presidency is no record deal

    Kanye cannot think that holding office will be a walk in the park. He complains about not owning his masters. His rants and the state of his mental health are still in question.

    Regardless of the fact that many voters, young and old do not appear to be giving Mr. West a chance, his name still comes up. The truth is, Americans need to consider the more qualified candidate. In 2016, Trump was not the best fit. It’s time for voters to get it in 2020.

    Sorry Kanye: The presidency is not your calling.


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