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    Kanye West Charged 63K For Flipping Out During Divorce Deposition

    Celebrity divorce battles have notoriously ended horribly. Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s divorce went down in flames. However, the ex-couple’s divorce pale in comparison to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s spilt.

    Since the two first announced their spilt, things haven’t gone well for the rapper Kanye West. In fact, just last week he was flipping out on one of the lawyers during a virtual divorce deposition. Now the court has charged the rapper with $63,000 for sabotaging the divorce proceeding. Unfortunately, Kanye West choose the wrong time to go off on someone.

                Kanye West Flipping Out On Divorce Attorney

    divorce deposition
    via BET

    It’s a known fact that Kanye West suffers from mental illness. Unfortunately, the “Heartless” rapper’s mental health condition has often faced scrutiny and ridicule from the public eye. It just goes to show that people aren’t the most understanding bunch when it comes to mental illness. However, the media published a story on Kanye West flipping out on an attorney during a virtual divorce deposition.

    Last week, the rapper was called to an emergency divorce court hearing by MyChannel’s lawyers. Unfortunately, the rapper spent 10 minutes flipping out on the company’s attorney Micheal Popok. According to All HipHop, Yeezy called the lawyer “boy” 12 times and even stupid at one point. Additionally, he evaded MyChannel’s team of lawyer’s questions by playing on his phone and pulling on the Jesus face mask. To top it all off, Kanye West called himself a “mental genius” the entire time. While that may be true, the divorce deposition hadn’t been his best moment.

                West’s Behavior During Heated Divorce Deposition Will Cost Him

    divorce deposition
    via The Guardian

    Despite the fact that Kanye West suffers from a mental disorder, the lawyers at MyChannels didn’t give him a pass. Due to the rap star’s outburst during the divorce deposition, the company now has charged him with $63,000. MyChannel claims that he “purposefully” sabotaged the divorce court hearing. “West’s bad faith efforts to sabotage the deposition will be viewed by the Court as one of the most outrageous and inappropriate deposition performances it has observed as well,” one of MyChannel’s lawyers, Ben J. Meiselas said. Unfortunately, it looks as though Kanye West landed himself in some hot water.




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