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    Kanye West Acting Weird Again? Building Domes For Human Survival

    It’s hard to say if Kanye West is off his meds this time, or if the man actually has some good logic placed behind his idea.

    In the latest Kanye news, he’s building some type of community in his backyard. TMZ has learned that Kanye is taking it upon himself to put his architectural thumb to use, because he’s experimenting with a new way for humans to live. That’s right Kanye West building domes is something that could really happen.

    Sitting on his 300 acres of property, are what appear to be dome-like structures. So far, they’re only 50 foot high prototypes, yet for those who’ve already been invited to check them out, they describe them as a vision into what the future holds.

    And Mr. West is the leader of it all. He’s even been brushing up on his history of man to see where he can afford to do better.

    At first, the project might seem like housing for Kanye’s Sunday church disciples–adding weight to the rumor that he’s lowkey started some sort of cult. But, no. Kanye West says he isn’t building domes for them. The prototype domes, sitting in his Calabasas yard, are making way for something much greater.

    Apparently, they’re new-age housing that will destroy how we, the world’s people, see class. Not exactly sure how, but they will. But for now, they’re just in the early stages of development.

    According to sources, construction crews are still hard at work bringing Kanye’s classless way of living to life.

    Our only question is…would Kim Kardashian be ok with living here?

    Thoughts? What do you think about Kanye West building domes for people to live in? Do you think he’s come up with a good idea? Would you live in one? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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