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    Kanye West Being Sued for Ripping Off A Four-Year-Old

    Kanye West is being sued by the parents of a little girl, whom he sampled on his album, The Life of Pablo.

    Andrew and Shirley Green are reporting that Mr. West never got their consent. But, in his defense, West claims to have asked the girl’s biological mother, Alice Johnson, for permission, via phone call.

    However, the Greens state that they are the legal guardians of Natalie Green, the four-year-old girl’s voice you hear on the track in question. Therefore, he should have contacted them instead.

    Back in 2014, The Life of Pablo was released. It came complete with 16 songs– one of those songs being the intro, “Ultralight Beam.” It is that track that listeners hear a snippet of the young child praying.

    “We don’t want no devils in the house God. We want the lord, and that’s it. Hallej- hand over Satan. Jesus praise the Lord. Hallelujah God, we don’t want no devils in the house. God ,we want the lord, and that’s it. Hallej- hand over Satan. Jesus praise the Lord.”

    According to BuzzFeed News, the lawsuit also states that a written license and payment was never sent following the album’s debut– as promised.

    The Greens are asking for profits stemming from “Ultralight Beam,” as well as an unspecified amount in damages.

    Thoughts? Should Kanye West pay Natalie Green’s adoptive parents? Share your thoughts in our comment section.

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