Kanye West 2020 Presidency Intentions May Be More Serious Than You Think

Kanye West

Kanye West has been already one of the most influential and undeniable figures for the most recent years now.

Polos & Backpacks, selling $250 dollar shoes, your everyday attitude — or maybe you just like (love) his music. But nothing would make Yeezus anymore influencial to America and the rest of the world than him becoming “President West” — Or “President Yeezy/Yeezus” for the dropouts out there.

Given that Donald Trump has not only campaigned for presidency but has became a favorite in it, the idea of Kanye West becoming president may not be too far-fetched. With Trump gaining a valuable amount of relevancy from this campaign, a new wave may be near.

“Y’all might be thinking right now, ‘I wonder, did he smoke something before he came out here?’ And the answer is yes, I rolled up a little something, I knocked the edge off.”

Whether Kanye’s announcement was serious or just a little high, the idea of him becoming is an interesting one. Let’s pretend for a second that Kanye not only runs, but wins; Will citizens be punished for being unfashionable or not having all the answers?? What would be next for the U.S.?

 “Listen To The Kids Bro!”: With that being the theme of Ye’s speech, It’s only right we start there


Kanye has been for the kids since day 1; literally. In the ‘Intro’ to his debut album, The College Dropout, the principal insisted that Kanye would “Do a little something for the kids.”

In recent years, ‘Ye has founded the Donda West Foundation (named after his late mother) which fought for the progression of illiterate children, low graduation rate, and to also provide access to music programs but unfortunately operations ceased in 2011. Now, over a decade later, it’s almost natural to assume that ‘Ye would take his initial mission into the oval office with him as his most recent quote has been “Listen to the kids, bro!”.

Racism Vs. Class/Income Equality:

Kanye West 2020 Presidency
If you can remember from his ‘Runaway’ music video, West imagined a dinner with all people of color as he was accompanied by his exotic, phoenix of a lover. Kanye has stressed many of times that money and power will conquer race every time. West’s views as whole are a lot of the times controversial but nonetheless, innovative and culturally enlightening. As President West, drives to create a more balanced of classes in the United States would be probable. The 38-year old creator has said that in today’s age, its not about race anymore — but class.

“It’s about class and it was a classist move that even when you get invited to certain dinner parties, or even when you’re in certain magazines, it’s still a Dinner With Schmucks situation.

It’s not about racism anymore. It’s classism. Like Paula Deen, she was old school with it. They like, ‘We don’t do it like that anymore, that’s racist. We classist now.”

-Interview with Wild 94.9

“I think it’s the rights of everyone. And another thing that I used to get really caught up on was with race. You know, with race it’s like, okay we know it’s racist people, we know that a lot of white men over the age of 60 are racist, we embrace that. We know that a lot of people that are in power don’t really… they’re like Donald Sterling. We understand that. We know that, but the world is moving. Ten years from now, 20 years from now, every person of color or female or any minority that comes into power will eventually shift it. You got the ozone layer, you got all this stuff, you see 100 years from now the entire world might be black. Just to even survive on the earth, period.” 

-Power 105.1 Breakfast Club Interview

Public Healthcare:

With healthcare being a common issue for the average American, Kanye has often spoke his idea of health care and what the government has done and/or will do about it. Given the unfortunate accident which left Kanye hospitalized and the death of his mother, you could figure that Kanye appreciatesgood and affordable healthcare.

Back in 2005 he voiced his conspiracy beliefs saying that AIDS was a “manmade disease” ultimately causing an uproar as he also stated that it was “placed in Africa just like crack was placed in the black community to break up the Black Panthers.” Apart from his share of common rants, Yeezus hasn’t really spoke on an ideal solution to the problem.

“And I know the government administered AIDS / So I guess we just pray like the minister say.” In 2010’s “Gorgeous” he added, “I treat the cash the way the government treat AIDS / I won’t be satisfied til all my niggas get it, get it?”

– “Heard Em Say”


Progression and longevity is always most important to any movement or mission. As anyone would know, Kanye West isn’t shy with his opinion whether he’s calling out politicians, social leaders and big corporations. Kanye often stresses that he’s graphic words are overshadowed by the overall message. In 2013, he explains to Zane Lowe his “post-modern” mindset and where he sees the Internet taking us as it expands going into the future. As Kanye pictures himself in the White House, he also feels confident about his vision.

Influence is vital to West in terms of political and social influence. In a 2013 interview on Bret Easton Ellis’s podcast, he stated:

“We’re currently led by the least noble, least talented, least respected, least respectful people — politicians. Period. But the world could be saved through art and design. Art is something that in definition I think is a really close thing to love, and love is really close to God, and God is the master creator. If you’re creative, therefore, you are God, a god of something.”

-Bret Easton Ellis Interview

No doubt, President Yeezus sounds a bit crazy right now, with the first black president currently in office, a potential first female president in Hilary Clinton or a business tycoon gone political, a new age of celebrity politicians may be closer than you can imagine. Since Kanye doesn’t really need assistance in the PR department — or any other department for that matter, as of right now Kanye’s bid for 2020 presidency is definitely ideal and undeniably possible.


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