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    Kanye Releases New Song Featuring Travis Scott

    Yesterday morning, Kanye West graced us with a new single featuring Travis Scott in preparation for his new album God’s Country. Produced by Dr. Dre, the new track is titled “Wash Us in the Blood”. This is Kanye’s first time back since his last 2019 album Jesus Is King. The video for the new song was premiered on June 30th at 10am on YouTube. The timing of this project felt perfect due to the fact that it was the last day of Black Music Month. The song also reflects on the recent events involving the Black Lives Matter movement.


    The day before its release, Kayne tweeted the cover art which was done by Arthur Jafa. This was a sneak peak that he would be dropping something the next day. Kanye had actually tweeted many random things leading up this day using the hashtag #WESTDAYEVER, including new partnerships and his wife, Kim Kardashian becoming a recent billionaire. It seems that things are going well for Kanye. 

    Arthur Jafa also directed the unique and visual music video to go along with the single. The project consists of footage from protests as well as Kanye’s tours and Sunday Services. Kayne also included a video from the day Ahmaud Arbery was shot. There is even an amazing video of Breonna Taylor dancing, which just makes you well up with emotion. Kanye previously donated $2 million dollars to the families of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery. 


    Watch the video for “Wash Us in the Blood” here:



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