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    Kanye West Reportedly Has To Pay Kim K $200K Monthly For Child Support

    It’s crazy how Kanye West’s old lyrics are coming to fruition. If you remember his 2005 smash hit, “Gold Digger”, he jinxed himself when he talked about paying child support. 17 years later, his manifestation has come true. Now that Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s divorce is finalized, Kanye was ordered to cough up the bag for his monthly child support payments.

    Got Off Easy

    If you’re wondering how much the price tag is, it’s reportedly around 200K. So for reference, it’s about $2.4 million a year. To the masses, this might seem like an insane amount. But in actuality, for someone rich like Ye, he got off easy. Even though he’s not a billionaire anymore, this man’s net worth is still around $444 million! This is why I don’t understand why people on the internet are pocket-watching so hard.

    How can people be mad that Kanye has to pay Kim child support because she is a millionaire? Think about all the expenses they have. They have to pay for private security for the kids, nannies, and private schools. I’m pretty sure if you did the math, it would add up to around $50K, which sounds about right.

    Uneducated Masses

    Ultimately, what I am saying is that child support isn’t as simple as you think, especially for rich people. It’s not about what the child needs to survive. It’s about them being able to live the same lifestyle as their parents. After all he has done, this is the bare minimum being asked for.

    Now there’s still a chance he might be broke in a few years or sooner. I’ve already heard reports companies like Adidas and GAP have already attempted to freeze his accounts. Unlike everyone else, due to his recent behavior, I don’t have any sympathy. So whatever happens, happens. Long as his kids are taken care of, it is none of my concern.


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