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    Kanye West Album without Kanyes Voice

    You are not going to hear any Kanye raps on his new album.

    Kanye is defiantly feeling the holy ghost. Just recently, the Chicago native dropped his ninth studio album, Jesus is King. Not only is the album a Kanye West album, but its also a gospel hip-hop album, the new lane that Kanye is exploring. During his time creating the album, Kanye formed a choir called Sunday Service. To help him sing his love for Jesus out loud.

    Kanye West Album without Kanyes Voice-1

    (Kanye West ninth studio album Jesus is King)

    The new project that Kanye dropped on Christmas of 2019 has a problem. There is no Kanye. Now, some people might not find that as a problem, but so do his fans. I know. I confused you, so let me explain. The latest project that Kanye dropped is called Jesus is Born. The album is from Kanye’s choir, Sunday Service, and produced by Ye himself. You may not hear Kanye’s voice, but you will feel his presence. The album is a sample gold mine. Taking rap songs and R&B classics and turning them into songs to praise the Lord.

    Jesus is Born samples from songs like SWV’s Rain, Fade from the Life of Pablo album, and much more.

    Each of these songs is reintroduced with a gospel twist, and it sounds good, really good. The production of the album is fantastic, and the vocals of the choir will have you praising God by the last song. You notice the samples right away. You hear them and start to sing the words to the original song, and you’ll respect that some of the old words wore taken out to praise God’s name. The melodies of the samples are the same, and you’ll appreciate it because you get that vibe you loved from those songs, but it’s enjoyable for you and your super God-fearing family members. So you can now listen to other Kanye songs in the church besides Jesus walks.

    Kanye West Album without Kanyes Voice-2

    (Kanye West’s Sunday Service choir album Jesus is Born)

    Furthermore, this may not be a full-fledge Ye album, but it is a Kanye project. Kanye executive produced this album and made sure everything was on point before its release. Also, its part of Kanye’s Jesus is King album release. So, you can consider it a Kanye body of work, even though he credits his Sunday Service choir.

    Most noteworthy, Sunday Services, Jesus is Born, climb the gospel billboard. Reaching No.2 on January 4, 2020.

    Do you think that Kanye will continue to praise God or go back to his original rap style? Is this just a phase, or is it the real thing?

    Let us know in the comments below and make sure to check out our other Hypefresh articles on Kanye.


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