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    Kamala Harris Praises BLM Movement and Reveals her Favorite Rapper

    As protests continue to reign over the nation, many celebrities are defending the recent demonstrations. Many have emphasized that it is much needed during this solemn time. Included in this long list of celebrities is California Senator and Democratic Vice president nominee, Kamala Harris. Kamala recently praised the Black Lives Matter cause, calling it, “essential” in this unique time period.

    Earlier this week, the Senator noted that peaceful protests against racial inequities and injustices were essential for the nation’s advancement and to ensure that law enforcement is being transparent and being held accountable.

    During the NAACP’s national convention Harris explained that people’s voices must be heard and that it was important for individuals to show their local and state government what they want.  She continued by expressing her admiration for the Black Lives Matter cause.

    “I like that ‘Black Lives Matter’ has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system.”

    Kamala Harris Makes a Surprising Revelation

    She also got national attention for her response on the best rapper alive. You guessed it, Tupac Shakur. Known for classic hits such as; Thugz Mansions, Changes, Keep ya Head up and I get around, even gone, the rapper is arguably still one of the be artists of all time.

     An American rapper and actor, Tupak Shakur began his music career as a rebel with a mission to expose the racial injustices endured by African Americans. Throughout his later years, Shakur was engulfed in an all-out rap war between East Coast and West Coast rappers. In 1996, the rapper was murdered in a drive-by shooting.


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