K2Theillest Releases “Urban Natives” Visual and A Pretty Impressive EP

Urban Natives

North OMaha emcee K2THEILLEST releases a sneak preview to his latest single, “Urban Natives” off his EP, TRIBE, a musical journey and conglomerate of Twista like flows and socially conscious messages that that set his art form aside from his counterparts. Tracks like “Urban Natives,” “Diamond mine minds” “Black mans Heaven” and “Tribal Paint” solidify K2’s undeinable talent, cadence and rhythmic approach to modern day Hip Hop. Reminiscent of classic Hip Hop anthems, these tracks mostly appeal to the likes of the Hip Hop heads out there. “High Voltage“and “Kingz N North” are some of the experimental tracks that highlight his creative genius while staying true to his unmistakable Hip Hop DNA.

Minus the sound quality and inconsistency, if you can listen past the sound and mixing, the EP is dope! We give the EP, TRIBE, a 3. 0 of out 5. LISTEN BELOW!


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