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    If You Remove Your Fake Ass You May Just Get A Show Like K.Michelle!!

    K.Michelle hasn’t been around lately….Wonder why…

    Regardless if it jiggles or wiggles, we still count it as real it you bought it!

    Plastic surgery is something that has become accustom to women from all over.

    Being able to buy a nice rack, or nice buns can go a long way in the entertainment world. Whether you decide to enhance your personal body, it does come with possible consequences.

    Don’t take our word for it, how about artist K.Michelle? That’s right she is in the process of airing out her dirty laundry.

    The world was shock when they witness her speak on her enhancements to her body. The former Love & Hip Hop star is one that has represented artificial features being added to women’s body in the past.

    However, the artist decided to become an advocate for health. Furthermore, she has decided to remove a large amount of her body enhancements. The singer has spoken several times on the dangers of getting plastic surgery.

    BET has confirmed that the artist has secured her own show that will focus on plastic surgery. The narrative will reflect women in the healing process from harmful and dangerous procedures.


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