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    K.A.A.N. – Rap God (Remix)

    Maryland rapper Brandon Perry, better known as K.A.A.N. just dropped a single that is fireeeee.

    Monday night, K.A.A.N. dropped a remix of Eminem’s Rap God via the Daily Dose. We’re just surprised he hasn’t blown up yet,

    K.A.A.N. has an aggressive rap style that has him shooting out lines a mile a minute. Technically speaking, this guy is wise beyond his years. He knows how to rap and he does it so well it impresses just about everyone that listens.

    Last month, he dropped 1/12/199?, a compilation of classic hip-hop beats that K.A.A.N. furiously raps over.

    Check out Rap God rmx below.

    For more on K.A.A.N., check out our interview with him here.

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