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    Justin Hughes’ Latest Single “Recognise the Cycle” Will Leave You Wanting More

    Justin Hughes, the UK-based rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, is back with a new single, “Recognise the Cycle.” The track, part of his latest album, features a powerful metaphor about escaping a harmful cycle with a person. The song revolves around not letting anyone or anything hold you back from moving forward.

    With his incredible flow, Hughes delivers a poignant message that will resonate with many. The lyrics paint a picture of sailing away on a boat, a symbol of leaving behind the past and its pain. The track also showcases Hughes’ production skills with its smooth beats and catchy hooks.

    At just 18 years old, Justin Hughes has already established himself as a promising talent in the music industry. “Recognise the Cycle” is a powerful addition to his repertoire and is sure to leave listeners eager for more.


    1. i loved this song too, one of my favorites from the album! also think that the extended metaphor of the boat is very good!

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