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    Justin Bieber Ready to Bust it Open for The Double Pop

    Justin Bieber is asking for an old childhood favorite to come back to the frozen food aisle.

    Justin Bieber is asking for “Double Pop” to have another chance. The frozen treat, “Double Pop,” is made by the Popsicle company, but hasn’t been in production for a time now. Now Justin Bieber double pop has caused quite the controversy.

    But after Justin Bieber begged them to bring it back, they’ve considered it and are willing to make an exception for the singer.

    “Talking with @scooterbraun and we just realized we can’t find double stick popsicles!! This is crazy. @Popsicle we need those back!” 

    Bieber first got their attention by tweeting a message to the company. He tagged his buddy Scoter Braun in on the fun. Later Scooter made his plea as well.

    “Tonight @justinbieber mentioned to me they don’t sell double stick popsicles anymore. I couldn’t believe it. But after searching amazon and other websites I found the game had changed. Single stick popsicles is all I found. This is an outrage!!! We need double stick back!!! HELP!”

    The Popsicle company told the two that they had no problem bringing back the tasty treat…but under one condition. In order to get the double-sticked favorite back in the markets, they first needed 100,000 retweets to get the shipment flowing to the general public, says The Blast.

    It’s amazing what a little star power can do. It makes us wonder what else The Biebs could wish for and have granted with little to no problems.

    Thoughts? What do you think about Justin Bieber asking for Popsicle to bring back the “Double Pop?” Do you think there’s something more important he could be asking for? Don’t forget to leave a comment below, letting us know how you feel.

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