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    Justin Bieber Admits He Disliked “Beauty & The Beat”

    Reaching stardom can feel like a dream come true. However, there’s still a ton of work artists have to do in order to stay on top. Superstar Justin Bieber may have reached fame at just 12-years-old after his YouTube videos went viral. However, no matter how big of a star Justin Bieber became, he still had to work to stay on top of his game. The star knows how to keep his artistry and music fresh. In fact, he probably switches up his music just as much as he changes hairstyles. For instance, the star has done several collaborations in his music career. Though, he revealed during a 2016 interview that he disliked his “Beauty & The Beat” track featuring Nicki Minaj.

                The Biebs Reputation As “King Of Collabs”

    Beauty and A Beat
    via CBS Tampa

    Over the span of his career thus far, Justin Bieber has released some great tracks. Furthermore, his earlier music launched his career basically into outer space, especially “Beauty & The Beat.” At just 26-years-old, he’s one of the biggest musicians of this generation. Not only does he excel at releasing great music, but he’s worked with some of the biggest artists in the game. In fact, he’s gained the reputation as “King of Collabs.” The superstar has produced a number of tracks with huge stars like Chris Brown, Chance The Rapper, Juicy J, Lil Wayne, Halsey, Ludacris, Summer Walker and Quavo. The list goes on. Clearly, he has tons of friends in the industry.

       The Singer Admits He Disliked “Beauty & The Beat”

    Beauty and A Beat
    via GQ

    Clearly, Justin Bieber has made friends with tons of HipHop artists. It makes sense, considering that he grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Usher, Boyz II Men and Tupac. He even frequently works with the same artists, such as Chance The Rapper and DJ Khaled. However, he’s not in a hurry to work with rapper Nicki Minaj anytime soon. Moreover, the singer didn’t like their 2012 collaborative effort “Beauty & The Beat.”

    During a 2016 interview on The Bert Show, Bieber revealed that he disliked the song. “I never really liked “Beauty and a Beat.” “I understood what it was at the time, and it was music that was popular at that time as well, but I was never a huge fan of that song,” the singer had said. Clearly, the Biebs didn’t care for the track.



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