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    Empire To Reduce Jussie Smollet’s Role In Wake Of Alleged Attack

    It seems like the walls are closing in on Jussie Smollet.

    Following claims of a brutal assault, the Empire star is facing massive controversy. At the moment his name is caught up in the midst of Hollywood. Despite the show’s narrative to be focused on drama, it seems like the production team for the Fox is trying to remove the spotlight. A big announcement has been made.

    It has been decided that Jussie Smollet will have his role on Empire dramatically reduced. Originally in the second to last episode, the actor was to have nine scenes. That has now been modified to four scenes. Overall he will not be the focus of the remaining scenes he is in. It seems as though the show might be slowly but surely pushing the character out the door.

    To make matters worse, Jussie will be spending less time on the set. In addition to that, the actor is not expected to rehearse his lines. Fellow cast members scripts have been altered to adjust for Smollet’s reduced scenes. Since the attack, the actor has sat down with Good Morning America for an interview. At the moment police can’t confirm Jussie Smollet’s attack is realSome believe that he possibly staged his own hate crime.

    Should Empire reduce his role in wake of attack?? Do you believe the Story that Smollet is giving? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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