Jus O – “Way Up”

Jus O

Jus O’s most recent offering lets us know one thing: he’s “way up.”

Opening with a sample of a memorable scene in Friday juxtaposed against a soothing yet melodic beat, the track begins with the rapper’s squabble with a former female prospect.  Jus O energetically glides over the beat with the same passion he displayed on the love-confessing “Cherry Wine” but this time with a much different emotion: dismay.
Jus O Way Up
Fed up with haters and opportunists alike, Jus O makes it a priority to tell us that he’s metaphorically on a whole other level on this track. Despite his troubles, the rapper shows some optimism with all of his recent blessings, exclaiming “praises go to the most high, hallelujah, we came up” – a testament to his growth over the years.

Reach that higher level as well and check out Jus O’s “Way Up” below.


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