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    Juice WRLD’s Top 5 Songs

    Juice WRLD Sadly Passed Away Sunday, Dec. 9, 2019

    After his untimely passing, I felt creating a list of Juice WRLD’s top 5 songs would be a good call. Unfortunately, up and coming rapper, Juice WRLD, real name Jarad Higgins, died in Chicago this past Sunday, December 9, 2019. The native Chicago rapper was quite young, turning only 21 last week on Monday, December 2, 2019. Sadly, Juice suffered a seizure shortly after flying into Chicago and died soon after getting to a local hospital.

    The exact cause of death is currently unknown. Although Juice was only 21 he was still quite the accomplished and talented artist. Juice WRLD had an array of quality songs, but some were a bit better than the rest. So I have gone to compile a list of what I feel are Juice WRLD’s top 5 songs.

    Juice WRLD’s Top 5 Songs

    5. Lucid Dreams:

    “Lucid Dreams” is Juice WRLD’s most popular song in terms of streams and plays online. The song is a 6-time platinum success and reached as high as No. 2 on the Billboard’s Hot 100. A sample from Sting’s “Shape of My Heart” is featured in “Lucid Dreams”. Sting spoke of Juice’s work as being his favorite song featuring “Shape of My Heart”.

    Along with being widely accepted the song goes to talk about some meaningful topics. Throughout this track, Higgins is really quite open about his experiences of love and heartbreak. Due to Juice’s word choice, he is able to create relatable material on a touchy subject.

    Juice WRLDs-1

    4. Lean Wit Me:

    The music video for this song is able to deliver a powerful message. The video features Juice in what is most likely an AA meeting or some type of rehabilitation type scenario. Along with this Juice is shown doing drugs with a woman throughout the video.

    This does not end up going too well. The video takes a serious turn, having Juice’s girlfriend overdose. Juice initially calls 911, but eventually leaves the scene and is arrested. The music video ends with a message from the National Drug & Alcohol Treatment Hotline, featuring their phone number (1-800-662-4357).

    The music video along with the accompanying lyrics are able to show the dangers of drug use. It is nice to see that Juice used his platform to show the harms of addiction.

    3. Hard Work Pays Off- Future & Juice WRLD:

    This song was featured on Juice’s album done with Future in 2018 titled, Juice WRLD Present… WRLD ON DRUGS. This song features an uplifting yet chill beat. As one might go to assume the pairing of Juice WRLD and Future on an album is quite enjoyable, and is able to result in quality hits such as “Hard Work Pays Off”.

    Just as basically any track featuring Juice WRLD does there are some dark topics covered in this song. Juice raps of his addiction to Percocet’s and how they are “taking away my(his) life”. Along with this Future goes to rap of losing friends and experiencing hard times.

    Overall though this song is able to deliver a relaxing and uplifting tone. Future and Juice are featured speaking of their successes and money gained. After dealing with struggles while coming up both of these artists speak of being able to make it to the top.

    2. Ring Ring (feat. Clever):

    In seemingly classic fashion, with the composition of “Ring Ring,” Juice WRLD was able to deliver a song that covers deep topics but is still able to bump when people play it.

    Due to the quality beat and flow that Juice and Clever are able to deliver people end up finding themselves jamming out to this song. Although this song does kind of bump, there is still an important message to be taken away.

    The song goes to put it quite cleary, “Something ain’t right ’bout the pills but I bought them– Something ain’t right with my mind so I lost it…I’m tired, I’m tired of gettin’ high, it’s exhausting- I was told it gets better with time”. This is Juice explicitly speaking of his problems with drug addiction and mental health. 

    Even though Juice seems to want to be done with drugs, for some reason he keeps going back. I feel as if this song can act as a cautionary tale or meaningful material that people can relate to. People can both hear of the dangers of drug use as well as know that they’re not alone in their fight with depression or getting sober when listening to “Ring Ring”.

    Juice WRLDs-2

    1. Fast:

    “Fast” serves as an example of all the things that make Juice WRLD’s songs what they are. This song features a range of classic topics. These go to include living fast, dealing with women and heartbreak, drug use and its problems, along with mental health issues. These topics are able to be nicely tied together through Juice’s soothing flow and a fast-passed beat.

    Just as a number of Juice WRLD’s songs do, “Fast” features a catchy chorus. Throughout the verses in this song, Juice is really quite open. Lyrics featured in this song cover feelings of being confused and lost.

    A line from the song that I feel goes to capture the general and in a way, the unfortunate theme of Juice’s music is from the tracks’ 2nd verse, “I go through so much, I’m 19 years old- It’s been months since I felt at home- But it’s okay cause I’m rich- Pysch, I’m still sad as a bitch”. This is a typical move by Juice where he goes to blatantly say what he feels.

    Even if the topic is dark, Juice is not scared to speak on what he is experiencing. People seem to think once you have money there is no reason to be unhappy. This is a notion that Juice goes too quickly to disregard. Although one might assume that being a successful rapper such as Juice WRLD would only lead to good times, as his music goes to so clearly put this is not the case.

    Final Thoughts

    It really is quite terrible to see anyone pass away especially at such a young age as in Higgins’ case. Even though Juice was only 21 when he died this past Sunday, he was still able to accomplish a lot in his relatively short career.

    Along with cracking the Billboard Top Hot 100 25 times in a span of two years, Juice was able to successfully deliver deep and meaningful messages with the songs that he created. This was done through a combination of quality beats and remarkably open and deep content covered within his lyrics.

    Even after his untimely passing, Juice WRLD’s music will be able to further serve as cautionary tales and relatable material for people battling issues of mental health and drug addiction. What are your guys’ thoughts though? Did Juice’s music speak to you? Is this the correct list of Juice WRLD’s top 5 songs or is something missing?

    If you or anyone you know is struggling with issues of addiction do not hesitate to reach out to the National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Hotline at (1-800-662-4357). 

    The same goes for anyone dealing with depression or mental health issues. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is (1-800-273-8255).

    Lastly, Let us know your thoughts in the comments


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