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    Juice WRLD’s Girlfriend Claims He Didn’t Die Of Overdose

    I understand that everyone processes grief differently, but I’ve noticed that celebrities handle it when more differently. My thought process is when you have a public platform, it most likely makes experiencing grief and death harder because you are expected to go on with life. Just look at how Juice WRLD’s widow, Ally Lotti, has been acting since he died. She’s giving Asian Doll a run for her money. It feels like Asian Doll and Ally Lotti are competing to see who can be the worst girlfriend to their deceased boyfriends. Because both of them cannot stop embarrassing themselves on social media.

    Crazy Talk

    Ally went on IG live to talk about conspiracy theories. The craziest theory out of all was that Juice WRLD didn’t pass away from a drug overdose in 2019. The craziest part is she wouldn’t reveal what the actual cause was. Instead, she explained that higher powers were preventing her from confessing the actual reason. Surely, if I knew the truth about my spouse’s death, I would let the world know without hesitation.

    It’s not like Juice was some kind of political activist. There’s no reason for a hidden agenda. What would the coroners gain from lying about the autopsy? Even his closest friends who were with him literally talked about and described his overdose in the airport in the documentary. The fact that she said this told me she was still grieving and still can’t process his death. It makes no sense for someone that is 21 years old with no underlying health conditions to die so young.

    On the other hand, there’s a chance that Ally could be clout-chasing. How convenient is it that she’s been recently promoting her new OnlyFans account? That can’t be a coincidence. Would you believe that she is in her 30s? This behavior is so out of character for someone her age.

    Let Him Rest!

    It’s a damn shame that Juice WRLD can’t even rest in peace. He deserved a partner who would have his best interests, dead or alive. Hopefully, everyone finds healing who was affected by his death.


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