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    He’s Got a Cup with His Name on it: Juelz Santana Has to Submit Urine Samples

    Just in, Juelz Santana has to submit drug tests. After just learning the length of his sentence, Juelz Santana now has to wrap his head when and how many times he’ll be required to give urine samples.

    The “Back to the Crib” rapper just found out that he’ll have to submit drug tests after his 27-month stay behind bars. Just 15 days after his release, Santana will have to pee in a cup. It’s a part of several drug tests that the rapper will have to submit to, on top of having to complete a drug treatment program.

    Santana caught a drug case after airport security came across drugs, and a gun stashed inside his luggage at an airport in Newark, NJ. The rapper pled guilty to the charges. TMZ did not report when the latter drug tests will have to be done. That depends on Santana’s probation officer.

    Also, there’s no exact date set for when JS has to turn himself in. Until that time, JS is a free man.

    So, do you have any thoughts on the topic? Is this fair? Will JS be able to pass the drug tests, or is it over for the NY rapper? Leave your comments below and for more news on Juelz Santana, keep visiting!

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