Tyga’s Ass Is Broke: Judge Issues Warrant for Arrest!

Tyga Arrest Warrant

Tyga is in trouble, and this time it isn’t with the repo man.

In fact, Tyga’s facing a warrant for his arrest, after neglecting to pay a hefty award to a fan. According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Tyga needed to pay $235k after a fan was injured at one of his concerts. Apparently, Shyanne Riekena attended a concert by the artist, where she fell victim to a light stand falling on her head. As a result, Riekena suffered a 4-inch cut in her scalp and later sued the rappers music company. However, Riekena still hasn’t received her settlement.


Now a judge is inserting himself in the middle. After Tyga neglected to show up to court, to address his delinquency, the judge handling the case has issued a warrant for the entertainer’s arrest. If Tyga’s is caught, his bail will be set at $250k. With the bail and money he owes the concertgoer, Tyga could be looking at shoveling out up to $500k; due to the interest acquired by not paying Riekena the initial $235k. It looks like he is having a horrible week. First, he was removed from Floyd Mayweather’s party, not this. Is it over for him?

Thoughts? Why do you think he continues to miss payments? Share your thoughts below.

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