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    Judge Is Not on R. Kelly’s Side… He MUST Respond to Sex Abuse Lawsuits!

    Judge is ready for R. Kelly’s nasty ass to go to the slammer!

    Judge authorized R. Kelly to respond to a lawsuit filed by one of his alleged sex abuse victims.

    Judge Moira Johnson understandably sided with the woman on Wednesday. The judge is ordering the convicted sex offender R&B star to file a response to the litigation within a week.

    He did not attend the Wednesday court hearing.

    R. Kelly has been accused of sex abuse countless amounts of times. Many of the women who filed lawsuits against him have all happened to be underage at the time. Robert is still “allegedly” till this day holding women hostage.

    In late April, the judge entered a default order against him after he failed to show up in court and answer the lawsuit’s allegations. Judge Johnson is refreshing her order after Kelly’s attorneys claimed he was never properly notified of the lawsuit’s existence. R. Kelly so called had “no memory” of receiving a summons, Chicago Tribute stated.

    Kelly’s lawyers previously claimed he didn’t respond to the suit because he can’t read. Excuses, excuses is all I hear!

    This is only one of four women He is charged with sexually assaulting. The now 36-year-old filed her suit in February, claiming she had a sexual relationship with Kelly that in 1998 when she was 16, according to Page Six.

    Is it just me, or is R. Kelly trying to runaway from the truth? Give me your feedback by commenting below!

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