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    How Long Before Jordyn Woods & Kylie Jenner Reconcile?

    Last week the Kardashian Clan suffered several devasting blows. Hopefully, this week will be more so of a positive one.

    In the world of entertainment, it is the Kardashian family that practically have their hands in every inch. Whether it’s acting, drama, or sports, this family can’t stay away from the camera but for so long. Furthermore, it comes as no surprise regarding the clan once again being headline news last week. However, it came at the expense of friendship, and a toxic relationship. Both are currently in question, with little to no answer pinpointing what’s next.

    News broke last week that Khloe’s baby father NBA player Tristan Thompson was back to his cheating ways. Above all, this time it was at a costly expense of losing his family unit which includes there baby girl. Tristan took it upon himself to allegedly make out with Kylie’s longtime friend Jordyn Woods. News spilled out about the two hooking up, and we instantly knew that Jordyn Woods would be gone from the Kardashian empire. It seems as though the news continued to get worse to the point where Khloe officially announced that shes and Tristan were finally through. Immediately media outlets took shots at Woods for her role in the ordeal. Simply put Jordyn Woods don’t give a fuck about the Kardashians.

    As the drama continued the family grew even more irritated after it was announced that Woods would prepare to clear up the fuckery on Red Table Talk. Kylie’s friend made it clear that she and Tristan only kissed and nothing else happened, however, Khloe took to Twitter calling Woods a fucking liar. At the end of the day, Jordyn Woods ass is fatter than a down south possum. Since then Khloe has come to her senses and knows Tristan’s dick is to blame not Woods.

    Several outlets are reporting that Jordyn and Kylie have not spoken since the drama unfolded. At the moment we should consider Kylie busy in the world of business. She just became the youngest billionaire in the world.

    Will Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner become friends again? Will Khloe take Tristan back? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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