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Jordan Fucked Jennifer Williams Repeatedly!!! The G.H.O.A.T.

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Jordan is a legendary athlete that continues to defy all odds across the board. The NBA owner is now being put into the spotlight, of a messy situation.

Just when we thought that the world of reality tv couldn’t get any messier we’re proven wrong. Basketballs Wives star Tami Roman decided to drop some tea, and honnneyyy we’re shocked to the core. The reality tv star claims that Michael Jordan fucked Jennifer Williams, and she was his sidepiece. This took place all while he was married to his first wife.

The incident took place last night after Tami got wind of Jennifer talking about her behind her back from an episode. Tami decided to play hardball and let the cat out of the bag. She went on to expose Williams in rap to let it be known about Jennifer’s scandalous acts.

“You were messing with MJ and let him hit like a sensei.” MJ stands for Michael Jordan. She added, “And yes I’m talking about 2-3, he was playing in the Chi when he was giving you the D.”

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Dior circa. 2000

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“You gonna hear this and say that I’m a liar, I got receipts so I don’t think you should reply.”

Furthermore, Jordan is known for making the number 23 famous while playing for the Chicago Bulls. He married Jaunita back in 1988, and would go on to divorce each other in 2006. Roman is known for being a hothead, and can surely dish out chaos just about any time that she wants to.

In conclusion, do you believe Jordan fucked Jennifer Williams? How will Michael Jordan respond? Will Jennifer admit to what she did? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

Featured Image Credit: Gabriel Olsen / Getty

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