#JonesJams + Hypefresh Music Countdown


Words: Staff, Hypefresh.

Amidst Season 1’s creative effort (aggressively resisted by Youtube copyright claims and infringements) The Hypefresh Music Countdown is back! And this time without all the legal drama!

Pardison Fontaine, Shawn Smith and Cash Sinatra are the center of attention for the opening reveal, as each artist is crowned King of Independent Hip-Hop talents nationwide.

Kicking off its first of eight webisodes “#JonesJams: Hunger Bars” of a newly collaborative Season 2 with special guest host Y Jones. Focusing on the detailed works of the three handpicked artists, highlighting their precision on the mic and pen.

Check it out above and feel free to comment on Twitter or IG with the hashtag #JonesJams!


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